Superheroes invade reality in ‘Hero inside’, new series from Cartoon Network and HBO Max

Posted on 2023-11-03

Created and produced by Million Volt Animation Studios, the series premieres on November 3 on the TV channel and streaming platform 

In a world where the boundaries between fiction and reality merge in unexpected ways, "HERO INSIDE" comes to Cartoon Network and HBO Max to show what happens when comic book heroes come to life! The superhero series premieres from Friday, November 3rd on the streaming platform and at 7:00 PM on the TV channel. 

The plot of the animation follows the strange events after the disappearance of Scott, a mysterious cartoonist who, before disappearing, created 100 comic books featuring 100 different heroes. After the comics spread across the city of San Francisco, Mike, a shy 13-year-old boy, ends up crossing paths with one of Scott's creations, the story of "Crying Man". Uttering the hero's name, the youngster ends up summoning Crying Man himself in the flesh. 

Soon, other heroes from Scott's comics begin to appear around the city in response to the calls of their new holders, who take the name 'the Readers'. However, strange events start to occur when the heroes begin to fulfil the orders of their holders.  

With chaos ensuing in the city, and the superheroes being used by the Readers for their own ends, Mike embarks on a journey to uncover the secret behind Scott's creations and their mysterious disappearance. 

"HERO INSIDE" is created and produced by Million Volt Animation Studios, with CJ ENM, Tencent Video, and YGG Global participating as co-producers.  DeAPlaneta Entertainment has joined as the representative for Europe and Latin America. 


The companies firmly believe in the potential of the animation to captivate audiences with the combination of its innovative plot and fascinating stories with dynamic characters. Created and directed by Joo-gong Meang, "HERO INSIDE " embarks on a journey where each episode promises a blend of comical and original superheroes, coupled with dynamic storytelling that leaves the audience anticipating the next chapter. 


In the Latin American market, the series will premiere in partnership with Warner Bros. Discovery, the brand that owns Cartoon Network and HBO Max. 

The first season of 'HERO INSIDE' has 11 episodes of 13 minutes duration. New episodes will be released daily starting on Friday, November 3rd on Cartoon Network at 7:00 pm (all feeds). During the same period, the series will also be available on HBO Max.