HBO Max releases exclusive trailer for the new brazilian series ‘My Magic Closet'

Posted on 2023-07-11

Premiering on July 20 and inspired by Korean dramas, the production follows young Carol, who has her life transformed after meeting idols from a famous K-pop group.

São Paulo, July 11, 2023 - The first Brazilian series inspired by Korean dramas, Max Original MY MAGIC CLOSET, premieres on HBO Max on July 20. Directed by Marcelo Trotta, Sabrina Greve and Paula Kim, the production will portray, throughout its ten episodes, one of the most classic genres of South Korean entertainment with a Brazilian touch.

MY MAGIC CLOSET tells the story of Carol, a teenager, daughter of a Brazilian dancer and a South Korean man. Today, at the age of 17, he lives with his aunt and cousin in Bom Retiro, and has a makeshift room in the small building on the slab. Fighting and determined, she still finds time to do what really makes her happy: dancing ballet and fulfilling her dream of being a ballerina like her mother.

Having a conflicted relationship with her ancestry, she is not interested in anything from the South Korean universe, such as K-pop, unlike her friends and the entire school. However, his life changes after a discovery: his wardrobe is actually a magical portal that connects his room to the apartment of a very successful K-pop group of the moment, ACT.

The famous South Korean boy group formed by Shimjang Entertainment consists of four members: Kyung, Dae-ho, Sang Mok and Chul Woo. They debuted on July 29, 2022 with the single "Vroom". ACT is the most successful group internationally and has often been dubbed "K-Pop's biggest phenomenon".

Among the protagonists of the series are South Korean idols Kim Woojin, Jinkwon, Lee Minwook and Yoon Jae Chan who make up the fictional boy group ACT. From Brazil, Sharon Cho, Júlia Rabello, Sabrina Nonata, Lucas Deluti, Luiza Parente, Ana Botafogo and many others complete the cast. A love triangle, new friendships, many adventures, intriguing twists and chapters filled with good music, the production proposes a cultural exchange between Brazil and South Korea.

MY MAGIC CLOSET is an original Max series produced in partnership with the jungle heart. The production has Georgia Costa Araújo and Luciano Patrick as showrunners, final writing of Andrea Midori and directed by Sabrina Strike, Paula Kim and Marcelo Trotta, who also signs the general direction of the project.