The final episodes of “Las Bravas FC” arrive on HBO Max today. Here are 5 reasons not to miss them!

Posted on 2022-05-19

Mexico City, May 19, 2022 – The original HBO Max series, LAS BRAVAS FC, which has proven to be more than a story about soccer, premieres its final episodes on the platform. The Mexican series portrays several stories that make it clear that teamwork and true friendship can bear many fruits.

That is why here we list 5 reasons not to miss the story of how the "Bravas" and their coach Roberto Casas discover their value on and off the field.

1.- It makes women visible in sports, empowers them and highlights teamwork

There are many series that show sports themes and praise players, but it is rare to find one about women's soccer. At the beginning of the series, Roberto Casas (Mauricio Ochmann) raises the idea that "women's soccer is neither soccer nor feminine”. However, as the episodes go on, this bias is removed, especially when Roberto himself becomes the coach of Las Bravas FC. Through the time he spends with his team, he realizes that sports don’t have a gender and he learns from the girls that teamwork is vital to get ahead on and off the field. Let's remember that Roberto is a "10", that is, a "lone player" on the field, who only sees the way to score goals, or at least that’s his perspective. 

And from the girls’ perspective, beginning to believe in their abilities and sharing the field with professional soccer players prompted them to give their best effort and to train to excel, but above all, they understood the strength that women have in this sport when they give their all on the field.

.2.- It shows us that we can overcome adversity

After suffering a heart attack, Roberto Casas loses everything and is left ruined. But crises are the best times to consider that every difficulty gives us an opportunity to move forward. For Roberto Casas, this progress (although he did not feel this way at first), came when he returned to his native country and rediscovered his roots, which he had forgotten due to fame. This return also gave him the opportunity to rethink his life and the reasons he had for getting ahead in life up until that moment. Most importantly, despite the adversity, discovering that he is the father of a teenager gave him another reason to continue growing.

Over the course of the episodes, we have also seen that the Bravas will learn to overcome personal adversity. Tania battles with being bullied, Mojo fights against her own family and suffers due to her dreams being shot down, Adriana suffers from violence at the hands of her boyfriends. These young women are also not exempt from fighting against anxiety and teasing; but they discover that together, these issues are more manageable.

3.- It shows that humility is more important than stardom

Something that Roberto Casas wasn’t lacking in was followers, fame and money; but it is useless if you do not have the ability to handle them modestly. Those who took you to the top are the same ones who will turn their backs on you in difficult times. Standing out has no value if the people closest to you don't support you, a hard lesson that the character played by Mauricio Ochmann faces when he has legal problems and must flee to his native country. In Mexico he is not well received because he preferred to be on the Spanish national team and preferred to make a career for himself in Europe. For this reason, his return is met only with ridicule. Thus, Roberto had no choice but to humbly accept the new chapter in his life.

4.- Because it makes it clear to us that dreams come true

As a child, Mauricio Ochmann wanted to be a division one soccer player. However, life led him down the path towards acting. And with LAS BRAVAS FC he was able to see one of his greatest wishes fulfilled and was able to combine it with what he is most passionate about. In multiple interviews Ochmann revealed that this project meant double for his career because it gave him the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dream.

5.- Because it’s a series with a great cast 

The cast of LAS BRAVAS FC consists of veteran actors like Mauricio Ochmann, Mauricio Barrientos, Ana Jimena Villanueva, Irán Castillo, Juan Carlos Colombo as well as talented and promising young actors like Keyla Caputo, Ana Valeria Becerril, Esmeralda Soto, Paola Cuarón, Kariam Castro, Jerry Velázquez, Fernando Cuautle, Alejandro Cuétara and Ari Albarrán. They managed to captivate HBO Max audiences with their characters thanks to the talent and charisma that they reflect on the screen.

Don’t miss LAS BRAVAS FC - which premieres its final episodes today – and get excited with each challenge and goal that the main characters of this story face on HBO Max!