“ASESINO DEL OLVIDO” now available on HBO Max

Posted on 2021-10-07

Mexico City, October 7th, 2021 – Premiering today exclusively on HBO Max is the new Max Original suspense series, ASESINO DEL OLVIDO. Directed by the talented Ernesto Contreras and Jorge Michel Grau, the series stars Damián Alcázar and Paulina Gaitán along with a stellar cast that includes: Ari Brickman, Erik Hayser, Dolores Heredia, Giovanna Zacarías, Luis Alberti, José Antonio Toledano, Mauricio García Lozano, Armando Hernández, Juan Carlos Colombo and Ofelia Medina, among others.

Pascual León (Alcázar) and Jimena Guerra (Gaitán), two stories, two characters that will face the biggest challenge of their lives. Immersed in the current climate where corruption, manipulation of information and sexism tend to naturally prevail, they will seek to do justice, each one based on their own unique relationship with the past, their memory and their personal convictions. 

Pascual León races against the clock because he wants to bring justice before his memory fades away due to the Alzheimer's disease that he has just been diagnosed with. He doesn't want to leave any loose ends or unresolved debts with regards to issues that have haunted him from his past. Jimena, in turn, will have to progress in a world where power is wielded by men; she will have to struggle to find her role in the police force in the face of a new case that will push her to the limit, putting her memory to the test.

ASESINO DEL OLVIDO is based on the multi-award-winning Turkish series Sahsiyet (Persona) that premiered in 2018. It is a Mónica Lozano production, co-produced by VIS and Ay Yapim.