Productions from HBO Max with other women ahead of the curve to watch after HARD

Posted on 2021-09-21

The last episode of HARD is now available on HBO Max. The series has come to an end, but the platform has all seasons complete, so you can watch the best moments of the production.

The exclusive miniseries from HBO follows the story of Sofia (Natália Lage), a woman who gave up her career as an attorney in order to take care of her family, and who later had to reinvent herself as the head of porn production company after the death of her husband. 

Sofia is an entrepreneur who pushes beyond her comfort zone. Get to know other characters from series and movies available on HBO Max who have broken away from industry norms to become inspiring businesswomen – each with her own style. 

Elizabeth Carmichael, from THE LADY AND THE DALE

The businesswoman from the documentary series THE LADY AND THE DALE is an American transwoman who gained prominence during the oil crisis of the 1970s, for promoting a three-wheeled vehicle that consumed little amounts of fuel. As she tried to convince the major car manufacturers to invest in the so-called "Dale", a web of mystery arose around the technology used in her invention. 

Arabella Essiedu, from I MAY DESTROY YOU

Arabella is a black millennial woman who won over the London generation with her ironic tweets. The profile’s success prompted her to publish the book “Chronicles of a Fed-Up Millennial”, which turned her into a micro-celebrity on Twitter. With the pressure to write a second book, she decides to go out with friends, but between bars her drink is spiked and she doesn’t remember anything about what happened... 

Spoilers aside, it is worth noting that Michaela Coel, who directed, produced and starred in the series, doesn’t stop from being one of those inspiring women whose business breaks with the traditional. Upon winning a British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for directing, writing and editing the series, she said that “Arabella represents many women who are not actually seen on television — she is chaotic and not perfect." Perfect huh?!

Luna, Karin, Magali and Mia, from O NEGÓCIO

In O NEGÓCIO we don't have one, but four women entrepreneurs who really think outside the box. The series, with all seasons available on HBO Max, follows the routine of protagonists Luna (Juliana Schalch), Karin (Rafaela Mandelli), Magali (Michelle Batista) and Mia (Aline Jones) who are high-class call girls and entrepreneurs. 

Regardless of any controversy about prostitution, the script shows how to put into practice several marketing strategies and, with that, conquer market space and have a successful company. Right in the first episode, there is already a business lesson: "you can't use yesterday's practices today, if you want to be in the market tomorrow". Got it?

Jules Ostin, from THE INTERN

Jules is the character played by actress Anne Hathaway in the film THE INTERN. She is the young CEO of About the Fit, a fashion startup that hires 70-year-old intern, Ben Whitaker, played by Robert De Niro. Throughout the film, she finds herself caught up in a dilemma between her personal and professional life, and Ben then takes it upon himself to help her. Generational conflict and the contributions that each one of them makes to business – and personal life – are examples of the positive impact of diversity in the workplace.

Selina Meyer, from VEEP

The seven seasons of VEEP guarantee a lot of laughter, especially from the performance of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who plays Selina Meyer, the Vice President of the United States. Although Selina isn't the best reference for a leader or entrepreneur, her determination to stay in office and reach the office of President of the United States is truly impressive. Like it or not, she knows how to defend her point of view very well, to have good relations with politicians, and, of course, she always seeks growth. This is the lesson.