Why do we love Cristin Milioti? Hazel Green from MADE FOR LOVE

Posted on 2021-08-16

HBO Max has just released the first season of MADE FOR LOVE, a Max Originals series based on the novel by the same name by Alissa Nutting, which tells the story of Hazel Green, the character played by Cristin Milioti. 

In the plot, Hazel runs away after discovering that her husband has implanted a chip in her brain to gain access to all her thoughts, desires and wishes, without her consent. With its mix of humor and science fiction, Cristin Milioti makes the series even better. We in fact, love her. Here is a list of why you should love her too. 

She played the famous mother in How I Met Your Mother

Yes, Cristin Milioti plays the character Tracy McConnell, the mother of the children of protagonist Ted Mosby, whose love story he has set out to tell since the first episode of the sitcom. Well, this story yielded nine successful seasons. Tracy is only revealed in the last episode of season eight, when Cristin Milioti appears holding the yellow umbrella and buying a ticket to the city of Farhampton, where she will eventually meet Ted - and finally the story of how he met the mother of his children begins to reach its conclusion.

She rocks musicals – and has already won a Grammy!

Much of Cristin’s on-screen know-how comes from theatre. She became known for her theatrical performances like That Face, Stunning and also for the Broadway musical Once, which won a Grammy in 2013 for Best Musical Theatre Album and Tony Awards in eight different categories in 2012, including Best Musical.   

Cristin Milioti is also a singer and has recorded music by David Bowie.

Not many people know, but besides being an actress, Cristin Milioti is also a singer. And a good one at that! Go to Spotify and search her name....at the start of the year she released a single of the song "715 Creeks", by Bon Iver.  But this is far from her first foray into music: the album “Lazarus – Cast Album” has 19 songs by David Bowie that make up the musical Lazarus, written by him and sung by the actors that star in the play, including Cristin.

She once was Leonardo DiCaprio’s wife

Who remembers Cristin Milioti in The Wolf of Wall Street, a film directed by Martin Scorsese? She was the wife of Leonardo DiCaprio's character. But she is unrecognizable. According to her, the character wears “a huge perm, acrylic nails and jeans up to her second rib. She's tough, but she loves him and believes in him, which makes it so painful.” Spoilers aside, it's actually hard to watch what happens to the couple.

Cristin’s Instagram 

Despite not being a big user, she isn’t afraid to take a political stand on her Instagram account. There, she shows her support for different social causes, such as her video at the Black Lives Matter movement in Los Angeles, or a photo with the colors of the LGBTQIAP+ flag during Gay Pride month – and to top it off, you even get a picture of her puppy Rupert that she adopted. 

In addition to Cristin Milioti, MADE FOR LOVE starts Billy Magnussen, Ray Romano and Dan Bakkedahl. The series is a Max Originals production, and has Christina Lee as showrunner. S.J. Clarkson is the director and executive producer, and Patrick Somerville pens the script.