AMARRES, the first mexican Max Original, Arrives August 12th only on HBO Max

Posted on 2021-08-06

The series stars Gabriela de la Garza as Ana, a free-spirited woman committed to her role as a mother, who immerses herself in the tradition of witchcraft in order to save her family from ruin. All episodes will be available the day of the premiere.

AMARRES, the first Mexican Max Original, premieres on August 12th. All episodes will be available the day of the premiere. The dramatic comedy stars Gabriela de la Garza, Hugo Catalán and Juan Pablo Medina.

AMARRES focuses on the story of Ana, a woman who, desperate due to her financial situation, takes up the family tradition of witchcraft: the business of pre-Hispanic magic and spells that was run by her grandmother Celia. But Ana is much more than that. Although she doesn’t believe that she has a special gift, like her grandmother says she does, she begins casting love spells in order to raise the money she needs to help her family. 

Her children are what drive her to go on, but not everything revolves around them. Ana lives organically, naturally and without plans, guided by her own convictions. She is unrestrained, and as a modern-day good witch, she breaks paradigms and cultural boundaries associated with mothers and woman that are still practiced today.

AMARRES showcases subjects like homosexuality, polyamorous relationships, and Mexican families and traditions in a fresh and genuine way, in addition to portraying a society that is in the midst of transformation regarding the role of woman who are in charge of themselves as well as presenting empowerment in a provocative and bold way.

AMARRES was created by Fernanda Eguiarte, and is directed by Marcelo Tobar de Albornoz. It includes executive production from Ricardo Pichetto, Marcelo  Tamburri, Anouk Aaron and Camila Bermúdez on behalf of WarnerMedia, and Fidela Navarro from Dopamine.

HBO Max reinforces its commitment to tell each country’s own stories and to give space to different local voices. AMARRES is the first of over 100 productions planned to be produced in Latin America over the next two years under the Max Originals brand.