HBO Max announces the second season of JOINT VENTURE

Posted on 2021-07-27

HBO Max has just confirmed the second season of JOINT VENTURE, the original HBO series from Brazil, set in a fictional São Paulo where the use and sale of marijuana has been legalized.

During the first season, the audience was able to accompany the awakening of the post-legalization economy and now, in the second season, the cannabis culture begins to become integrated in the daily lives of Brazilians, despite the resistance from more conservative sections of society, which leads to a boom in the market. 

“We are very happy to announce the confirmation of another Brazilian production on HBO Max with PICO DA NEBLINA, which had a successful first season on HBO. The launch of the second season reinforces our commitment to valuing the culture of each Latin American country, to bringing the best stories and to making the planform a window for local innovation”, reaffirms Tomás Yankelevich, Chief Content Officer of General Entertainment for WarnerMedia Latin America.

“It is gratifying to have our work recognized with the launch of the second season of PICO DA NEBLINA and even more so on HBO Max, which has just arrived in Brazil. We are excited to take up Biriba's story again and to bring new reflections to the audience as they present themselves in the character's life, whether said audience is in Brazil or in other countries”, reinforced Quico Meirelles, General Director of Joint Venture.

In the nine episodes of the series, Luis Navarro, Henrique Santana and Daniel Furlan return to play Biriba, Salim and Vini, respectively, as well as Leilah Moreno in the role of Kelly. The cast also includes the rapper Dexter, Nathalia Ernesto and Bruno Giordano.

In the second season, Biriba (Navarro) sees all aspects of his life dominated by CD (Dexter). The drug lord took control of not only his family, but also of his cannabis store. Upon seeing himself sucked back into the world of crime, Biriba allies himself with old acquaintances in a risky attempt to bring about CD’s fall and leave this world once and for all.

JOINT VENTURE, is an HBO original series produced by WarnerMedia Latin America and filmed by O2 Filmes. The series is produced by Luis F. Peraza, Roberto Rios, Eduardo Zaca, Marcelo Tamburri, Anouk Aaron Paul Drago, with screenwriting by Rodrigo Batista, Carol Rodrigues, Cauê Laratta, Fabio Montanari, Rodrigo Batista, Thais Fujinaga and Vivi Pistache. The general direction is by Quico Meirelles and the episodes will be also be directed by Ale Pellegrino, André Dib, André Novais Oliveira, Rodrigo Pesavento and Pedro Moscalcoff.