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Posted on 2021-07-22

The third episode of the GOSSIP GIRL reboot is now available. All episodes and full seasons of the original GOSSIP GIRL are also available on HBO Max. 

From the latest news we have from Zoya, it seems that she and JC, besides her mother, have a lot more going for them: they can't avoid falling in the charms of Upper East Side Prince Charming, Obie Bergmann. 

But while some relationships begin, others seem to end, isn't that right dear Audrey? It seems that Aki, the unmistakable boy with pink hair, is no longer the owner of the blonde's heart... Maybe this good girl is more interested in werewolves? Although that may be the last thing on our perfect Audrey's mind, things at home don't seem to be getting any better and that became clear to all of us during the charity auction, where Mrs. Hope was the center of attention.

Meanwhile, what will happen with Julien now that she's apparently single? Be careful, JC, stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new possibilities can lead you to discover family dramas you may not want to know about.

And as for Z, now that he's closer to royalty, thanks to Obie, will he finally be able to fit in Constance Billard or will he need a much more weighty ally to make it happen?

The answers to these questions are in the new episode. You’ll have to tune-in to see what happens. 


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