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Posted on 2021-07-15

The second episode of the GOSSIP GIRL reboot is now available. All episodes and full seasons of the original GOSSIP GIRL are also available on HBO Max. 

New school year, new possibilities...but also new scandals. Already on the first day back at Constance Billard, our beloved Julien Calloway found herself caught up in drama: newcomer Zoya turned out to be her long-lost sister, and an argument about her involvement in Z’s scholarship, which brought her to New York City from Buffalo, led Obie to come to her rescue on a cold rainy night. 

What at first seemed like a promising meeting between two sisters who wanted to make up for lost time, ceased to be during the fashion show where JC was the center of attention.

But beware, JC, lineage runs in the blood and apparently Z is not ready to go back to her old life. Could it be that the newcomer will get your hard-earned attention?

All the while, Z suddenly becomes interested in someone unexpected. Could love be in the air? Not for everyone... Max seems to be exploring his boundaries, not falling in love. 

You’ll have to tune-in to see what happens. 


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