HBO EXTRAS launches new user interface and curated entertainment experiences for fans

By HBO Latin America | Posted on 2020-08-13

The second-screen companion app will complement new HBO drama series

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY with an insightful look into the production, the narratives, and history of the Lovecraft universe

MIAMI, FL. – August 13, 2020 – HBO announced today the new user interface of second-screen app HBO EXTRAS, which gives fans in Latin America and the Caribbean the opportunity to immerse themselves in HBO’s exclusive storylines, through a curated entertainment experience that goes beyond the traditional screen. The new interface will launch on Sunday, August 16, along with the premiere of LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, HBO’s new original drama series based on the novel of the same name by Matt Ruff.

HBO EXTRAS can be downloaded for free on smartphones, giving users amplified entertainment through exclusive and behind-the-scenes content, for a unique pre, during, and post watching experience. The app works by synchronizing the hand-held devices by audio with the HBO content, providing viewers in real-time an insightful look into the production, its narratives, and the history of the Lovecraft universe.

HBO EXTRAS content for LOVECRAFT COUNTRY will focus on three themes: the horror traditions created by H.P. Lovecraft, the history and relevance of racism in the United States, and a deeper look at the production of the series including special effects, the recreation of the 1950s era, and much more. Users will also be able to save and collect Extras on the app, including the ability to create playlists from the music in the series, interesting details about Lovecraft’s novels and books, and a closer look at the monsters in the series.

“Much more than viewers, our consumers are active fans, interacting in a global community through multiple screens,” said Gustavo Grossmann, Corporate Vice President of Networks for HBO Latin America. “HBO Extras is an extension of the HBO brand experience, transcending the traditional screen and offering them the opportunity to enjoy our narratives in a more intimate way.”

HBO EXTRAS will also feature “Extras” content from recent HBO original hit drama series PERRY MASON, which follows the origins of American fiction’s most legendary criminal defense lawyer. Upcoming series to be added to the HBO EXTRAS experience include PATRIA, THE UNDOING, and BAND OF BROTHERS. Additional classic titles from HBO’s catalogue will continue be added in the coming months.

The new app features a new full-screen design, navigation, and a user experience that allows users to “swipe” through Extras. Users will also be able to save their favorite HBO EXTRAS content on the app, to enjoy even while offline. This second screen experience can be accessed in Spanish, English and Portuguese and is available for Android (6.0 or above) and iOS (10.0 and above) smartphones in all of Latin America and Caribbean. The application is free to download, requiring an HBO or HBO GO account for access to content.