The Bridge Brasil


Hosted by Murilo Rosa, the show’s cast will include singer Pepita, actress Danielle Winits, singer Badauí, actor Fábio Beltrão, model Suyane Moreira, businesswoman Paola Santerini, cultural entrepreneur Boaventura Carneiro, civil police officer Diego Del Rio, model Priscila Sena, singer and actress Polly Marinho, architect Jordana Louise and businessman and influencer Henrique Fares, among other participants.

Isolated in nature, they have one goal in common: to build a 300-meter bridge to an island where they will find the prize. For this to happen, they have only 20 days and can only use whatever is around them as building materials. While building the bridge, they must form alliances with each other because when they arrive on the island, a vote will take place to decide who gets the prize. The participant that is chosen will evaluate whether they will share it with their allies or not.