Mil Colmillos


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In THOUSAND FANGS an elite commando must escort several snipers to within viable shooting distance, finish off the target and return to the extraction point. But everything falls apart when a strange entity starts taking out soldiers one by one, setting off a desperate race to find a way out of the dense and unpredictable jungle. Outnumbered and hunted, they are about to face a dark and sinister secret that is over 500 years in the making. The jungle will become hell for this group of soldiers, who will race for survival through a dead-end labyrinth that is as evil as it is unfathomable. 

THOUSAND FANGS stars actors Claudio Cataño, Alejandro Buitrago, Carolina Ribón, Andrea Olaya, Carlos Alberto Mariño, Héctor Sánchez, Jaisson Palacios, Andrés Londoño, Sebastián Carvajal and Jarlin Martínez. The cast also includes Lenard Vanderaa, Quique San Martin, Ricardo Leguízamo and Juan Carlos Messier. A WarnerMedia Latin America series produced together with Rhayuela Films, it is created by Jaime Osorio and Guillermo Escalona, and includes direction by Osorio himself, as well as Pablo González.

THOUSAND FANGS is part of the more than 100 titles that are planned to be produced in Latin America in the next two years under the Max Originals brand.