The Secret Life Of Couples

2 Seasons|22 Episodes

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A secret war is being waged and no-one will emerge from it unscathed. On one side, corrupt members of the country’s elite, driven by greed, are hatching sordid political schemes to further their own interests. On the other, a network of activists and hackers are attacking the system that protects and rewards corruption.

Sofia’s decisions will decide the fate of a vast sum of money and, as a result, the plans for revolution of Hermes, the leader of a clandestine hackers’ group. Luís is about to reveal a major secret concerning who he really is and what his investigation is about. Vicente and Renata will feel the full consequences of their involvement with the Triad investigation. And one event will force Vicente to rethink his strategies and test his alliances.

Worlds apart for decades, they are about to come into conflict. How far are you willing to go to do what you think necessary? What will govern your actions - the law, ethics, common sense, despair, bearing a grudge or vengeance?

Cast & Bios

Sofia Prado
Bruna Lombardi
Carlos Alberto Riccelli
Alejandro Claveaux
Edgar Eleno Andreazza
Paulo Gorgulho
Letícia Colin