‘The forgotten valley’ debut this sunday, september 25, at HBO Max and HBO

Posted on 2022-09-23

Presenting the supernatural atmosphere of the fictitious Vale Sereno, this is the first national suspense series for the platform

São Paulo, September 23, 2022 - Debuts this Sunday, at 21h, at HBO Max and HBO VALE DOS ESQUECIDOS (The Forgotten Valley). Directed by Fábio Mendonça and Daniel Lieff, the series is the first brazilian national suspense production for HBO Max, and brings together in the cast Daniel Rocha, Carol Abras, James Turpin, among others.

Inspired and recorded in the buttred climate of Paranapiacaba (SP), the thriller follows a group of young people who get lost during a weekend walk and, given the risks found in the forest, seek shelter in a village hidden under a constant mist that It's on the maps: the serene valley.

Stuffed with suspense and puzzles, here are some reasons not to miss any seconds of what will arrive at HBO Max with the weekly release of episodes of the series.


Known for its typical climate, Paranapiacaba (SP), besides serving as inspiration for the series, was also the city chosen for the thriller recordings. Almost every day, from noon the fog begins to go down and after two in the afternoon it is so dense that it is almost impossible to see something a few meters away. This is also the setting of the fictitious Vale Sereno, which hides many secrets in its fog.


In addition to the fog -provided mystery climate, the city also has a different architecture, with buildings built by the British in 1867 and kept to this day. Some abandoned buildings and local stories still help build the atmosphere of production mystery. In addition, the Victorian Gothic style of costumes complete the story like no other.


When they take refuge in the serene valley, young people could not imagine that this was a cursed place, with no way out and without communication with the rest of the world, where the clock pointers stopped moving. While trying to understand what actually happened and what holds them in that mysterious - and somewhat magical - with supernatural phenomena, they will find themselves in the middle of a dark secret that remained hidden for over a century. What will not be missed in Vale dos Forgotten is suspense and mysteries for the characters in the plot and the audience watching.

The Forgotten Valley also brings in the cast Felipe Velozo, Jiddu Pinheiro, Julia Ianina, Juliana Lourenção, Marcos de Andrade, Roney Villela, Thais Lago, Rodrigo Bolzan, Maidê Mahl, Bruno Lourenço, Osvaldo Mil, Chris Couto, Thalles Cabral, Guta Ruiz, Michelle Rodrigues, Mayara Constantino, Carolina Mânica, Julia Sette, Rita Batata and Sergio Pardal.

The Forgotten Valley is an original HBO title produced by Warner Bros. Discovery and O2 Movies. Created by Fábio Mendonça and Antonio Tibau, who also signs the script alongside Rodrigo Lages, Clara Deák and Hudson Vianna. The general direction is by Fábio Mendonça and Daniel Lieff, directed by Rodrigo Meirelles, Paulinho Caruso and André Delão.