HBO Max premieres exclusively 'Til jail do us part' on september 29th.

Posted on 2022-09-19

Don't miss the trailer for this new series loaded with female power!

Starring Kate del Castillo, Roselyn Sánchez, Sylvia Sáenz and Jeimy Osorio, this production is a story about the sisterhood and strength of four women who will do anything to protect their family.

 `TIL JAIL DO US PART is the new HBO Max series that premieres on September 29 and tells the story of four women who, after an unforeseeable event, must join forces to move forward. Despite their enmity, they now have a secret and a common goal.

"Differences make people come together, because we want to know more about each other, about what we don't know, about what we don't act, about what we are not" expressed Kate del Castillo who added that this is the first time she joins this type of genre where there are comedic overtones. "It's a different genre to what we have done, the dark comedy, the dramedy, and I love comedy, I think we are in a moment where we want comedy," she added.

Together they will have to face all kinds of obstacles and put aside old rivalries in order to challenge the terrible criminals and murderers who have left them to their fate, but sisterhood can outweigh any past problems.

"There is zero chance of becoming friends but life makes it so," said Jeimy Osorio.

"In the series, the similarities and differences of these four women are evident. Imagine a boxing match between different actresses, different characters, different countries, different cultures, different music on the inside," said Roselyn Sanchez.

This quartet of complex women is made up of Angela (Kate del Castillo), a housewife, mother of a teenager who will do everything to take care of her, but depends on her husband for almost everything. Sofía (Roselyn Sánchez) whose ambition in life is to be a mother, Esme (Jeimy Osorio) an intense woman and Viri (Sylvia Sáenz), a woman dependent on her family, who thinks she has no weapons to fend for herself.

The creative idea for `TIL JAIL DO US PART was in the hands of José Luis Acosta. The series is scripted by Enrique Begne and Carlos Quintanilla and stars Rodrigo Murray, Jessica Lindsey and Julieta Egurrola. This is a production under the direction of Enrique Begne and Claudia Pedraza. Juan Carlos Gil and Rafael Puentes are the directors of photography, and executive producers include Mariana Iskandarani, Kate del Castillo, Marcos Santana and Juan Ponce. 

`TIL JAIL DO US PART revolves around the courage of four unpredictable women who will find a strong friendship and leave in the past the hatreds that made them enemies, now they will see that they can do anything if they remain united. 

Discover all the secrets that`TIL JAIL DO US PART hides starting September 29th, only on HBO Max.