New documentary series 'Saving the king' now available on HBO Max

Posted on 2022-09-13

The new Max Original, SAVING THE KING, is a fascinating story of spies, conspiracies and pacts of silence, in which, according to the experts interviewed, the entire machinery of the State strives to protect King Juan Carlos I from his own actions and, at the same time, hide his scandals.


Miami, Tuesday, September 13, 2022. - More than 50 first-person testimonies, including journalists, politicians, former secret agents and a former mistress unknown until today, x-ray a transcendental period in the recent history of Spain and give us an intimate portrait of Juan Carlos I, a monarch who, as shown, betrayed his father to become king, ended 40 years of dictatorship, promoted democracy in Spain, put the Monarchy in danger for love and had to abdicate the crown in favor of his son and leave the country, against his own will, to save the Monarchy. 

The documentary series SAVING THE KING has been produced by Mandarina for HBO Max. Miguel Salvat, Hanka Kastelicová and Antonio Trashorras are the executive producers for HBO Max. Produced by Campanilla Films, S.L., a Mandarina company.