NINJIN season one's electric ending comes to HBO Max and Cartoon Network

Posted on 2022-03-29

Fans can now enjoy the big season finale of the series based on the game Ninjin: Clash of Carrots

Gamers and ninja-style apprentices have an appointment with the premiere of new episodes of Ninjin on Cartoon Network, between March 21 and 24, always starting at 6 pm*. But, for those who want to guarantee the weekly schedule, the reruns will be every Wednesday at 5:45 pm*. And of course, the seven new chapters, as well as the complete season, are now available in the HBO Max’s catalog.

Based on the successful game Ninjin: Clash of Carrots, the new sensation of Brazilian animation is a co-production of Pocket Trap with Cartoon Network, Roger Keesse, who also signs all scripts, and animation producer Birdo Studio. In its version for the small screen, we follow the great journey of the talkative and egocentric rabbit who only wants to know one thing: to become a master ninja, just like his ancestors used to be in the distant past.

And like any aspiring ninja, Ninjin is put to the test in these new episodes that make our hero need to ally with an unlikely ally and save Rabbit Village once and for all in the great climax of this season. Did they finally come across an enemy worthy of the mighty NINJEITO? Now everything got serious! Now everything has gone crazy!

The minds behind the smash hit Ninjin:

Roger Keesse, alongside the Pocket Trap studio, is the creator and enabler of NINJIN, an original series from CARTOON NETWORK LATIN AMERICA. Screenwriter, Director and Executive Producer of Feature Films and Series, almost exclusively of Animation, he is responsible for several other projects of the Warner Group, among them: ASTRONAUTA: PROPULÃO by HBO and TURMA DA MÔNICA JOVEM by CARTOON NETWORK, recognized as Best Animation Series by Pay TV/OTT at the 19th edition of the Brazilian Cinema Grand Prix.

Henrique Caprino is co-founder of the studio focused on game development and original intellectual properties Pocket Trap. He works as a producer, executive producer and game designer in games and series, being one of those responsible for the creation of the game Ninjin: Clash of Carrots that originated the NINJIN series of Cartoon Network LATAM.

Rodrigo Zangelmi is one of the creators of the game Ninjin: Clash of Carrots and the animated series Ninjin, along with his partners at Pocket Trap and Roger Keesse. Both the series and the game tell the adventures of Ninjin, a (more or less) powerful rabbit who seeks to free his village from the clutches of the terrible (and baggy) Shogun Moe and his soldiers.

Don't miss the new adventures of Ninjin on Cartoon Network and HBO Max!