5 surprising anecdotes about Bilardo

Posted on 2022-03-24

Buenos Aires, March 10, 2022 - As part of the launch of the new docuseries BILARDO, THE DOCTOR OF SOCCER, HBO Max shares five testimonies with anecdotes of one of the most recognized coaches in the history of football, related by its own protagonists, mythical figures of Argentine and international football:

  1. Everything communicates

"Because he explained so many things to you at once, from the tactical, what he wanted, he had us 2 or 3 hours on the court, out there if he grabbed you with hands on the waist he told you to lower them because it was a sign that the opponent saw that you were tired. If you bowed your head, it was to show the opponent that you were not well, then when we returned to the club after being 2 or 3 days together we said it is crazy that this man thinks that way. Some guys didn't hold on," Jorge Burruchaga.

  1. They can't play with fear

"He did a talk, and he gave us a little bit of the Cameroon game. Remember, TV, videocassette, no remote control or technology, it was the 90's, right?, after the recording of the game passed for a while, he asked a question: 'What have you seen?' Well, some, obviously first Diego and then other players began to talk, let them express themselves and after that he left with a monologue, saying: 'It can't be that you play like this, you can't play with fear', Sergio Goycochea.

  1. From sun to sun

"There was a 12-hour training. He brought us together the day before all of us who were going to be in training, the staff part let's say, and explained what he wanted to do. Then the players came and he already quoted them saying, 'Come here at 7 a.m., have breakfast and you're going to stay here all day. Until 8 o'clock at night we didn't finish ́ haha, the faces were bright. One of Carlos' famous follies", Octavio Manera.

  1. An indelible mark

"We went to see him before the pandemic, with all the boys, we ate with him and he started crying. I remember when we said to him: 'Do you know crazy what you made us live? That we still have sequels all today? ́ and he started laughing a little. So, as I said on my show, every time someone talks about Bilardo, who now can't come out to defend himself, he's going to find me. Have no doubts," Oscar Ruggeri.

  1. The blackboard was invented by Carlos

"The blackboard on television was invented by Carlos, it was not invented by anyone else, it was invented by Carlos. And after the slate with markers passed to the magnets, it was modernized. And today I imagine that everything is digital, but well, all those were issues that moved him. But they mobilized it from the teaching side as well, eh. He liked to transmit, not that something was kept. He liked to convey what he saw, he liked to say, 'Look at what we find,'" Racino. 

Don't miss BILARDO, THE DOCTOR OF SOCCER on HBO Max. The Max Original docuseries has 4 chapters of 45 minutes each and will cover the professional and personal career of the outstanding coach: his achievements, anecdotes, follies and the mark he left on football. A content designed for all fans, football lovers and for those who want to know more about the life of the "doctor" of football, that man who led the Argentine National Team to glory and somehow redeemed himself forever.