The story of a man with nothing left to lose: “ASESINO DEL OLVIDO” premieres on october 7, only on HBO Max

Posted on 2021-09-28


Based on the multi award-winning Turkish series Sahsiyet, a new Max Original production arrives to Mexico

Mexico City, MX. – October 27, 2021 – What could go through the mind of a person that has been told that they will soon lose their memory? What happens if they also feel that they have unresolved issues that have tormented them for years? ASESINO DEL OLVIDO, tells the story of Pascual León (Damián Alcázar), a man on the verge of losing that which keeps him clinging to life, his memories. 

The new Max Original series is based on different events experienced by a retired ex-police officer who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, who is bound to lose his memory little by little. Far from being a misfortune, in this illness he finds the perfect excuse to settle an old score that has tormented him for years. 

Meanwhile, Jimena (Paulina Gaitán) has been assigned to the biggest case of her police career. In a world where men rule, far from feeling intimidated, she focuses on doing her best to carry out this new challenge in which she will have to face the most infallible test in order to discover the truth: her memory. 

These two stories will intertwine in unimaginable ways, and both will have to face personal and social challenges to achieve justice, each in their own way.

Each episode, ASESINO DEL OLVIDO will take the viewer to get to know the darkest and most provocative motives behind each of its characters, within a very current context stained by yellow journalism, sexism and corruption, but where there will also be hope, ballroom dancing and lots of Mexico.

ASESINO DEL OLVIDO also includes participation by Ari Brickman, Erik Hayser, Dolores Heredia, Giovanna Zacarías, Luis Alberti, José Antonio Toledano, Mauricio García Lozano, Armando Hernández, Juan Carlos Colombo and Ofelia Medina, just name a few. 

The Mexican version of ASESINO DEL OLVIDO was directed by Ernesto Contreras and Jorge Michel Grau; and is produced by Mónica Lozano and co-produced by VIS and Ay Yapim.