HBO Max presents the characters from the new local production "AMONGST MEN"

Posted on 2021-09-21

HBO Max is about to release the new miniseries AMONGST MEN, an original HBO production that draws attention to a backdrop set in the Buenos Aires suburbs during the 1990s. Based on the cult-classic novel by Germán Maggiori, the crime drama with touches of sharp humor portrays the social division of Argentina in the late 1990s.

The plot revolves around a party full of sex and drugs where a crime is committed that ends up compromising all of the guests. Along the way to erase all traces of evidence, the protagonists will find themselves involved in revenge, blood and illegality. 

The complete season of four, hour-long, episodes will arrive to the HBO Max streaming platform on September 26, and on HBO there will be a new episode premiering every Sunday beginning on the same date. 

In this context, HBO Max presents the main characters of the new production: 

Who is who?

  •  Garmendia (Gabriel Goity)

Police sergeant, the nickname "Mostro” suits him perfectly, as he is a ruthless, ultra-violent, corrupt, alcoholic with a dark past. However, he is the only one who is clear about the game he’s gotten himself involved in, the only one who sees the dark hand of the Intelligence Services in everything that happens to them but, like the rest, he ends up taking part in the inevitable and fatal dynamic.

  •  Inspector Almada (Diego Velázquez)

Inspector officer, the superior in charge of Garmendia. His rigid and structured thinking prevents him from seeing the entire picture. His obsessive neurosis manifests like a tic: he mutters by heart the regulations and norms that, paradoxically, he is forced to break all the time. He is called “El Loco” by his fellow police officers. That radical obsession leads him to overestimate or misinterpret clues. Following a false clue, Almada ends up trapped in a delusional mysticism that will make him leave his world behind.

  • Mosca (Nicolás Furtado)

Professional thief by trade, and disciple of a renowned thief (El Laucha Benítez), his experience as a robbery getaway driver is valued on the scene. He works with  Zurdo, with whom he engages in car theft, bank fraud by cloning credit cards and small-scale drug trafficking. Although he is mostly cerebral, he operates with the language of violence. This impulse is what ends up getting him and his partner, by way of his friendship with Cortéz, involved in the lurid plot of the missing video.

  • Zurdo (Diego Cremonesi)

Professional thief who met Mosca in jail. Despite the fact that they maintain a partnership, he is very clearly Mosca’s leader. His problems with psychotropic drugs make him mentally unstable. The psychotic episodes that assail him frequently in the form of auditory and visual hallucinations increase as the end approaches, and end up unleashing a massacre.

  • Tucumano Cortéz (Claudio Rissi)

A pimp from the Tucumán Province known in the trans scene. He plays a key role in the operation that the Intelligence Services mounted against Senator Achabala. However, when they reach a point of no return, he doesn’t hesitate to betray them and continue on his own.

Additionally, AMONGST MEN is directed by Pablo Fendrik with the screenplay from Germán Maggiori himself (the author of the book by the same name), in collaboration with Fendrik.