From the street to the screen: tomorrow arrives DÍAS DE GALLOS, the new production that comes to break paradigms

Posted on 2021-09-15

HBO Max presents the new Argentinean original local production DÍAS DE GALLOS: a youth drama and musical based on the freestyle phenomenon, which deals with themes such as the search for identity, the freestyle world, diversity and human relationships.

León (Ignacio (Ecko) Spallatti), Rafaela (Ángela Torres) and Andy (Tomás Wicz) are young people who want to earn a place in the competitive world of freestyle rap battles. The trio find themselves in the middle of a dangerous combination of friendship, sex and love as they face stiff competition and try to learn from their mistakes.

The cast is completed by Carlos Portaluppi, Delfina Chaves, Julieta Zylberberg, Paola Barrientos, Lautaro Delgado Tymruk, Laura Cymer, Franco Rizzaro, and freestyle rap artists such as Klan, Stuart, Roma, Cacha and Tata. Joaquín Bonet is the author with the collaboration of Sofia Wilhelmi, directed by Joaquín Cambré and written by Lucas Jinkis and Hernán Guerschuny. 

HBO Max enriches the proposal of DÍAS DE GALLOS by including in Spotify the selection of songs and soundtracks of the series that will live in an exclusive playlist on the platform. At the same time, fans will be able to find freestyle beats to rap from Spotify. 

The new original production focuses on three points that revolve around these characters, the path of personal transformation with real and close stories; the representation of a new heterogeneous, genuine, unprejudiced generation; and the cultural phenomenon of freestyle rap as a means for the characters to discover their own path. 

The complete season of DÍAS DE GALLOS will be available starting tomorrow on HBO Max.