“AMONGST MEN”, one of the most awaited argentine productions, arrives on september 26

Posted on 2021-09-13

The dramatic miniseries from Argentina is based on the popular novel by Germán Maggiori and premieres September 26 on HBO MAX and HBO

HBO Max presents the new Argentine production AMONGST MEN, a sharp-humored crime drama that portrays the social division in Argentina during the late 1990s. The complete season of four hour-long episodes will arrive to the HBO Max streaming platform on September 26, and on HBO there will be a new episode premiering every Sunday beginning on the same date. 

Set in 1996, in the Southern part of the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires, the much-awaited HBO original miniseries, AMONGST MEN, arrives on HBO Max. The story takes place within a social context where the frivolity of those in power has increased in proportion to crime, marginalization and a feeling of vulnerability. In the 1990s, while one part of Buenos Aires was eating pizza with champagne, in other parts of the province, poverty and crime were increasing. 

The plot revolves around a party full of sex and drugs where a crime is committed that ends up compromising all of the guests. Along the way to erase all traces of evidence, the protagonists will find themselves involved in revenge, blood and illegality. 

Based on the novel of the same name by Germán Maggiori, the series includes the participation of renowned talents like Gabriel Goity, Nicolás Furtado, Diego Velázquez, Diego Cremonesi and Claudio Rissi, and is directed by Pablo Fendrik with the screenplay by Maggiori in collaboration with Fendrik.

AMONGST MEN was the first Latin American production to be exhibited at the Berlin Film Festival, in the Berlinale Series 2021.