GENERA+ION and five other stories about diversity, love and freedom to enjoy on HBO Max

Posted on 2021-08-30

Available on HBO Max, is GENERA+ION, a series that tells about the life of a group of high school students who explore their sexuality, love and friendship within a conservative environment, where their behaviors generate strong clashes with the deeply rooted beliefs of society. This energetic and intense story joins the catalog of series available on the platform about diversity, love and the struggle for identity.

As if the issue of the dilemma and the constant struggle to build one's own identity during adolescence were not enough to get hooked on this series, one of the most curious facts is that it was created by a 19-year-old girl. Zelda Barnz wrote this story inspired by her own conflicts and doubts, and along the way, she found the best allies to bring this series to life: her parents, Daniel and Ben Barnz. In this way, GENERA + ION comes forth as a type of vindication for free love, for being unique and for the value of friendship, in a very specific generation, Generation Z.

To this series that reminds us of the dramas of adolescence, other titles are added that also manage to transmit high doses of intense emotions with unique stories that leave us a great lesson: we all have the right to love, to be unique and to be happy. Therefore, today we present to you some of the most exciting series about diversity that you can enjoy on HBO Max:


Superstar Zendaya stars in this drama series that follows a group of high school students as they navigate a minefield of drugs, sex, identity, trauma, social media, love and friendship in today's increasingly unstable world.


After fleeing to São Paulo pursuing the dream of living as a cartoonist, graffiti artist and tattoo artist, Rafa asks for shelter from their cousin Vini, who shares an apartment with his friend Maia. Each of these three young people with their own experiences seeks to affirm their identity, find their way and a space where there is room and respect for everyone.


Looking presents the unfiltered experiences of three close friends who live - and love - in the city of San Francisco. Friendship can unite them, but each is at a very different point in his life: Patrick (Jonathan Groff) is a 29-year-old video game designer who returns to the dating scene after learning that his ex is engaged; aspiring artist Agustín (Frankie J. Álvarez), 31, questions the idea of monogamy amid an attempt to domesticate his boyfriend; and the oldest member of the group, veteran bartender Dom (Murray Bartlett), 39, faces middle age with unfulfilled professional and romantic dreams. The trio's stories intersect and unfold in dramatic fashion as they seek happiness and intimacy in a time of unprecedented choices and rights for gay men.


Journalism student Valeria (Lola Rodríguez) is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime when she meets and instantly establishes a bond with her idol, the extraordinary trans icon Cristina "La Veneno" Ortiz Rodríguez, (played by Isabel Torres, Jedet and Daniela Santiago). Valeria begins to write Cristina's biography and gets enveloped in a tortuous story full of victory and tragedy, friendship and suffering, loyalty and abuse, fame and free fall ... but always defined by courage and self-esteem.


Russell T. Davies presents a drama that is as devastating as it is endearing. The series follows a group of young friends dealing with the ups and downs of life as they move to London together. But it's 1981, and a deadly, disregarded epidemic is on the rise, and they’ll only have each other when the fight begins.