Brazilian miniseries ‘THE AMERICAN GUEST’ premieres in september on HBO Max

Posted on 2021-08-30

The Brazilian miniseries created and directed by Bruno Barreto will also be shown on HBO 

HBO Max announces the release of THE AMERICAN GUEST, which premieres on September 26 on HBO Max and HBO. Directed by Bruno Barreto, the production stars Aidan Quinn and Chico Diaz, in the roles of Theodore Roosevelt and Cândido Rondon. Based on a true story, the four-episode miniseries recounts the expedition of the former U.S. president through the Amazon region, alongside the Brazilian marshal.  

The plot takes place in the early 20th century. After a bitter defeat in the U.S. presidential campaign, Roosevelt sets out in search of his lost youth in the Brazilian Rainforest alongside his long-time friend Farrel Nash (David Herman) and his son Kermit (Chris Mason), with the objective of exploring the last uncharted river in the country: the River of Doubt, in Rondonia. 

On a journey fraught with deadly dangers, the former president counts on the support of indigenous expert Marshal Rondon, then responsible for connecting the most remote regions of the country. On this journey, the two men from different backgrounds will have to test their physical and moral limits, as well as learn to deal with their conflicting personalities in order to survive.

The cast includes Dana Delany, Trevor Eve, Theodoro Cochrane, Gene Jones, Jeff Pope, Nick Westrate, Maya Kazan, Cláudio Jaborandy, Arilson Lucas, João Côrtes, Michel Gomes, Arieta Corrêa and Luisa Rosa. 

THE AMERICAN GUEST is an exclusive HBO miniseries, co-produced by Teleimage, created and directed by Bruno Barreto and written by Matthew Chapman. The production includes funding from Condecine – Artigo 39.