What can we expect from the last episodes of HARD?

Posted on 2021-08-13

HBO Max has confirmed the release of the last six episodes of HARD for August 15th. The exclusive HBO Brazilian miniseries tells the story of Sofia (Natália Lage), a housewife who had to reinvent herself after the sudden death of her husband. Still in mourning, she discovers that her husband owned a pornographic film production company called SofiX, and that she is now the owner of the business.

In the production, we accompany Sofia in this new phase of her life: at work, leading with the producer; in the family, dealing with the issues of their teenagers after father's death; and in love life, becoming emotionally involved with the porn actor Marcello Mastroduro (Júlio Machado).

At the end of the last episodes, shown on HBO and already available on HBO Max, the plot stops at a crucial moment in the story, and some questions were left open. To remind the audience where this story left off, here are some of the key points that need answers on this final stretch:

1. Will Sofia accept to marry the actor Marcello ​​Mastroduro?

In the last episode, Marcello and Sofia get back together, and he asks her to marry him. Sofia doesn't answer, but accepts that they live together. Now her boyfriend, who has returned to acting in SofiX porn films, moves in with her and her two children. Will the wedding come out?

2. Will the SofiX film production company be sold?

Despite SofiX entering a good phase with new products, such as the online strip poker booth, the film production with customer fetishes and the erotic products telesales program, Sofia seems tempted to sell the production company that recieved a proposal from an investor. Will Sofia give up her own business? There is the doubt. What would you do?

3. What will happen to Sofia's relationship with her children Violeta and Julio?

Júlio (Pedro Konop) and Violeta (Nathalia Falcão) are in a really complicated phase. We followed Julio's arrest for chaining himself to a pig in a butcher's shop, protesting against the consumption of meat, and we saw Violeta run away from home on her electric bicycle and almost run over, after a discussion with her mother. Even though Sofia tries to talk to them, the relationship is not flowing. A possible ally in this new story may be Marcello, Sofia's boyfriend. Julio had always gotten along with him, and Violeta had apparently begun to sympathize with the new family member.

4. How will Sofia's conservative parents behave now that they've found out that their daughter owns a porn production company and her future son-in-law is an industry star?

In the last episode of HARD, we saw Nair (Martha Mellinger), Sofia's mother, criticize Marcello for her daughter. Sofia gets angry and tells her parents the whole truth, which she was trying hard to hide: Marcello, her boyfriend, is a porn actor; she owns a porn production company, which was the only inheritance from her late husband; and Margot (Denise Del Vecchio), her former mother-in-law, is not only a lesbian, but works with her at the production company. We only see that parents are in shock. Will the family resist the reality?

5. What will be the whereabouts of Lucia, Sofia's best friend?

Do you know that super old friend, that we're not ashamed to confess that she's losing control of her life? Lucia (Martha Nowill) is one of those. She is Sofia's best friend, who has always reassured her that Sofia's problems are absolutely normal, just a little more unusual. She even helps her friend in the direction of SofiX, and has always shown to be a very well resolved friend with the sex life of a confirmed spinster. She is the kind of character that we love with passion and cheer for her a lot. Let's see what happens, right?!

HARD is a HBO exclusive miniseries co-produced with Gullane, scripted by Danilo Gullane, Juliana Rosenthal, Patrícia Leme, Mariana Zatz and Laura Villar and is adapted from the original series by Cathy Verney. The general direction is by Rodrigo Meirelles. The production has resources from Condecine – Article 39.

The first two parts of HARD are now available from HBO Max.